Over the past 79 years, the university has cultivated nearly 450,000 various outstanding talents . A large number of them have become backbone talents in various industries. Now almost half of prestigious teachers in Jiangxi’s primary and middle schools, more than 60% of provincial key teachers in primary and middle schools, over 80% prestigious teachers and disciplinary leaders in Jiangxi’s senior high schools are graduates of JXNU. Among them, there are Chinese contemporary educational masters such as Tang Sainan and Xie Weihe, nationally outstanding teacher Lai Daren, and national model teacher Peng Juan. Besides, in the duration of Chun Cheng University, there are still many outstanding talents of JXNU’s Alumni like Huang Kezhi and Zeng Qingyuan, academicians, Xie Peiji, Liu Zhenqun, Yin Changmin, Bei Xiaoliang, Lin Zengping, and Jiang Jianping, the presidents of key universities, Chen Jiaxiang a famous pulp and paper expert, Xu Bairong, the National Highest Publication Honor Award- Taofen Publication Award winner; the well-known poet Gong Liu, the famous composer of troops in our country Lifei, the distinguished calligrapher Shen Peng, and the former secretary of Jiangxi Provincial Party Wan Shaofen, etc. Also in the duration of Jiangxi Teachers College, this university has produced so many talents as Shao Hong the 13th vice chairman of CPPCC and executive vice chairman of the Central Committee of the Jiusan Society; Wang Taihua, the former vice minister of the Central Propaganda Department, director of State Administration of Radio, Film and Television, and the secretary of Anhui Provincial Party Committee; Shen Deyong the member of the 19th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, member of CPPC, director of the Social and Legal Committee, former vice president of China’s Supreme People’s Court, and the first-ranking judge; Liu Shangyang the vice chairman of CPPCC of Jiangxi; Zhou Meng the deputy director of the Standing Committee of the People’s Congress of Jiangxi province; Shu Xiaoqin the director of the Central petition Bureau and the secretary of the party group; Fan Weiping the deputy director of State Administration of Radio, Film and Television; Liu Keqiang the deputy director of the State Railway Administration; Zhao Liping the member of Jiangxi Provincial Party Committee and the Secretary-General of Provincial Party Committee; Sun Jinsheng the academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering; Huang Hong the vice chairman of China Insurance Regulatory Commission; Luo Xi the secretary of the Party Committee and chairman of China Taiping Insurance Co Ltd; Liu Jinglun the president and chief operating officer of Taikang Life Insurance Co Ltd; Li Baomin the former chairman of Jiangxi Copper Company which is in Fortume 500 Firms; Li Yihai the chairman and president of Jiangxi Jimincare Co Ltd; Zhou Yonghui the chairman of Jiangxi Hengmao Real Estate Development Co Ltd; Luo Min the founder of Beijing Kuaileshidai Technology Development Co Ltd and QuFenqi; Yang Wenjun and Jin Ziwei the Olympic champion and Zhang Pincheng the 17th Huabiao Award winner, etc. The university ranks the 83rd China’s University Alumni Donation Ranking Table and in the 2019 China University Social Donation Ranking Table, it ranks 75th. It ranks 135th on 2019 China University Rankings.




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